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House in Kent

The brief was to design a 3 bedroomed house in Kent for a couple in their mid 40’s. Project included  layout/floor plans, light plans, interior design and decoration of the whole house.    The couple wanted an open plan layout to be able to enjoy the great country views from most areas in the downstairs space.  The clients wanted to have  a modern house which has a welcoming and glamorous feel.  

They love nature, wild animals and waterfalls and are very passionate people with a very enthusiastic approach to life.  One of the favourite design period is the  Art Deco style and  an element of this period in a room in their home was requested in the brief. 


The furniture and finishes used are modern and the details and accessories add a sense of drama to the space. 

The main bedroom  has the Art Deco style twist where period furniture was specifically sourced from overseas.

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