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Apartment in London

The brief was to alter and refurbish a kitchen/dining/living area, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for a couple in their early 30’s. Clients wanted to convert the main living area  into a modern space where they could relax and unwind,   entertain friends, while enjoying river views.  Clients had a preference for use of black and white however they wanted a warmer feel for the bedrooms.


The colour scheme used for the main living area is monochrome with a splash of bold accent to add a touch of drama and add life to the space.  Furniture used is modern and the touch of red links the three areas in the room (kitchen/dining and living) to achieve a welcoming feel with a wow factor.  The inspiration came from the clients love for roses and water.

The two bathrooms were also based on a monochrome colour palette  to which a touch of colour was added through accessories.  


The main bedroom was inspired by the client’s awesome experience during an African Safari holiday as evidenced through various holiday pictures on display in the house.

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