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Hotel Reception and Bar Area

The  brief  was to create a stunning and memorable ‘front of house’ scheme – covering the lobby, reception and bar area adjacent to the reception for a leading hotel brand. The first impressions upon entering the hotel were to illustrate a leading brand and set the tone for the experience that awaits guests in a boutique hotel in London.


The client’s strategy was to create an offering which optimizes on the riverside location and very close proximity to Battersea park -  a distinctive getaway retreat from the hustle and bustle of central London through a chic, elegant and contemporary style.  The offering was aimed at affordable luxury in a boutique hotel setting which is comfortable, refreshing, relaxing and reinvigorating, yet intimate and welcoming.

The client plans were to target a specific audience -  the more sophisticated crowd that like to enjoy elegant luxurious facilities, within a fairly exclusive environment; those that seek a warm and welcoming experience rather than a commoditised product.


Concept was to create an atmosphere that attracts the natural senses of guests, using elements of nature (earth, water, fire and air) through design, colours, lighting and music.  This was the inspiration behind the modern, elegant and chic design to create an oasis of peace, relaxation and  tranquillity.  Upon arrival at the hotel guests would enter a world of luxury with unparalleled facilities, commitment to service and personal attention that exceeds expectations.

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